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Welcome to the world's first Smart Coin
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The RhymeSick Team
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Smart phone showing the RhymeSick Marketplace with the R$C utility in action
Rhyme$ickCoin - the world's first smart coin

Decentralized Finance will
NEVER be the same...

A tablet being held by hands which are touching a screen that read "RhymeSick Shop"

Rhyme$ickCoin released 21.11.21. RSC is a hyper-deflationary, yield farming, community-driven token.
R$C on BSCscan
Rhyme$ickCoin is a fully functional BEP-20 smart contract. Total supply of 1,000,000,000,000,000 tokens.  Total is supply is locked in a multi-sig vault. Every transfer of the coin is taxed at an 11% rate. The Tax is split between the HODL'ers and the Locked Liquidity Pool address 5% each and 1% to project development wallet.

We mean business.

Safety First!

RSC is one of the most secure crypto to invest in after rigorous studies. The RhymeSick Team has been testing and learning how to build the perfect cryptocurrency to introduce to hip hop communities as well as uninformed investors. Part of RS's mission is to give back to the people and build a future worth fighting for.

However, the path to launching RSC was not paved in gold and had a fair share of attacks from rival crypto communities, hackers, and bots.. so hard that our heads started spinning!

The RSC team didn't let that scare them off! Instead, RS teamed up with Metapulse to guarantee the contract was not only flawless as possible, with full functionality and ability to upgrade over time, but that we had constant security to ward off threats both known and unexpected. You can rest easy knowing your investments are safe and secure with RhymeSick and that we have the best interests of everyone in mind, with every move we make.

Constant active chart monitoring

RSC Chart View

RSC is proud to be officially tracked by reputable chart data viewers including Poocoin.app, Bogged.Finance, and soon to be Nomics.com! Click each respective name to be taken directly to RSC charts! 🪙.📈 🌝

Light Years ahead of the rest

Tried & True Functionality

* RSC has patent-pending use case with a global team of designers and developers working 24/7 to boost global economy, integrate e-commerce with RSC / crypto, and educate the world about money. This will forever change how we view physical & digital art & music in all its forms

* RhymeSick has been in business 6 years and will utilize our connections in hip hop, business and politics to revolutionize not only the music & crypto sectors, but the entire world while we continue doing what we already do best: make music, unite the people with music festivals and build national tours.
(..oh, and they'll take RSC as payment)

* We already have a loyal community and are preparing a consistent ride UP to the moon, the stars & beyond. With financial education being a major part of our mission forward, we will not just be another come-and-go, pump and dump Token. We have values that can't be measured with money which is why our coin and our community are so important to our next chapter.

* As we speak, our master-dev and college professor, Lem is concocting the Smart Wallet and RSC exchange as we speak! You'll be able to not only buy RSC easily but trade it and HODL it on your very own Smart Wallet, secured by the team at RhymeSick!

*Not only that, RSC is now fully upgradeable and will not require a migration or contract swap in order to grow with the changing tides of crypto! We all know those tides are controlled by the moon, so let's prepare the rocket ships! 🌊. 🚀 🌙

Not Just a coin

Rhyme$ick Music

Where other coins barely have utility, let alone transparent teams who will show their face and guide, Rhyme$ickCoin is run by a real business in Good Standing with Federal and State regulations as well as new umbrellas including Aspire Initiatives (WY) and Gameboy Financial (CO) which all allow easy transition for businesses and fans alike to integrate fully with the new world of crypto currency. RSC will allow you to purchase event tickets, tip artists, buy merchandise from RS and our sponsors, or simply HODL and make gains, as well as so much more to come! RSC Tokenomics are the FUTURE!

Flyer from 2018 featuring Afroman, Lil Wyte, and Statik G on a national tour
Rhyme$iCK Coin: The Hip Hop Coin

How to Buy R$C

1. Download MetaMask, Trust Wallet or use an existing wallet
Download your wallet to your phone or chrome/firefox browser. Buy BNB (Binance) and trade it on DEX for BNB Smart Chain / WBNB.

2. Go to PancakeSwap (pancakeswap.finance)
PancakeSwap is where you'll be performing the swap of your current tokens to RSC
2. Or buy/swap with Bogged.Finance /
poocoin.app directly!
Bogged Finance & Poocoin are where we monitor charts +  buy / trade / swap RSC!

3. Get to the trade screen
Click "Connect" at the top right of the screen, and then navigate to "Trade" on the left sidebar.

4. Click the RSC token or paste RSC Contract 
Choose the "Select a Currency" button, Add Custom Token, and enter the RSC Coin contract: 

Change network to Binance Smart Chain
9 Decimals

5. Adjust your slippage to 12%
Select "Settings" at the top right and adjust your slippage anywhere between 11 and 15%. To sell, do the same! (Note: Until 2022, there is a 30% sales tax to increase buying pressure and 10% of that is dispersed to HODL'ers! Enjoy those reflections!)

6. Swap the Coin and Tell Your Friends!
Enter the amount you want to buy and swap away! Remember to have enough BNB for gas fees and to tell your friends about Rhyme$ickCoin and the power we have as a community to build a better world through love, art and music!

Download Trust Wallet

Static Rewards

Statik Rewards *pay* RSC holders for supporting the token

For The People

Whale Control, Embraced Leadership, Real Business

Mobile Optimized

Optimized for buying / selling on phones, computers or tablets


Followers - Early Bird Bonus!


HODLers + 


Supply Locked


Global Team
Available 24/7

BUY NOW on Pancake Swap
The RhymeSick constellation


Q4 2021
Unveiling of $RSC! 
Website Launch
Introducing the CEO and Team RSC
Seek & Acquire Listings (CG, CMC, etc)
Show price of RSC on wallets 
Platform Outreach 
Safe Exchange & Smart Wallet Launch

Q1 2022

RSC merchandise & Partnerships
“Reach for the Stars” - Dream Maker Program Launch for investors
Intensify Global Marketing Campaigns
Launch National Hip Hop Tours and raise awareness of $RSC
RSC Community Contests for $5,000+Announce Further Influencer & Celebrity Support
Launch RhymeSick Presents: One World One Love Festival promo
GOAL: RSC Currency Utility

Q2 2022

Enhance a RSC Marketplace App 
Million Dollar Marketing Campaign 
“Star Dust” Artist Giveaway with Celebs 
Community Integration 
Launch free Financial Education classes 
Drive SMART COINS into Mainstream Crypto & Real World Uses 

Q3 2022
Rhyme$ick Coin Convention
Release 2023 Roadmap
Continue to Drive Rhyme$ickCoin, Crypto, Art and Music to unite the globe and make the world a better place for all future generations
GOAL: RSC on multiple exchanges / listings as a legitimate crypto currency integrating real life events with digital events & currency to blend the real world with the metaverse seamlessly as possible and provide an entertainment metaconomy that thrives utilizing our tokenomics, honest business, and unbreakable vision

Spread Love, Knowledge & MUSIC worldwide

Free Financial Education

Wall Street is going bananas. Crypto is going nuts. Nobody knows what's going on but most people are either getting instantly rich, or losing everything in a day. While everyone's feeling hot from the pressure of change, consider R$C family the ice cream to your banana split and enjoy life when every day is a Sunday.

Rhyme$ick Coin is one small step to financial freedom, and one giant LEAP for mankind!

Statik G

CEO of RhymeSick

Crypto currency 'is the future of currency'

Elon Musk

Tesla, Space Force X

@RhymeSickCoin #RhymeSickCoin $RSC

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